Vine S Models


Vine S Models: S1, S2 and S3

Audio Player

Listen to educational content, humanitarian messages, music and more!

Multi Content

Players can hold multiple languages, dialects, or combinations of audio. The intuitive keypad makes it easy to navigate large amounts of audio content.

  • Solar powered
  • Audio player
  • Multi-content/multi-language
  • Audio bookmarking
  • Raised button, intuitive navigation keypad
  • 4GB memory: Up to 800 hours of tamperproof content
  • Stereo High-Fidelity, CD-quality capable
  • Built-in speaker and 3.5mm stereo audio jack
  • Li-Ion battery recharges via solar/laptop/power supply
  • Water, heat and shock resistant
  • Size: 10.67 x 5.84 x 1.02cm (4.2 x 2.3 x 0.4″) / 62.37g (2.2 oz)


  • Replaceable Lithium-Ion polymer battery
  • 3.7V (nominal) 390mAh, 1.44W
  • Typical battery playtime: up to 14 hours1
  • Typical battery charge retention: over 6 months1
  • Typical battery life at room temperature: up to 3 years1


With proper care, the player’s Lithium-Ion battery should perform well for several years. When shipped, the battery is only partially charged. You can easily charge the player using one of the methods below:

External Power Supply

For fastest charge, connect any standard “USB” charger (regulated +5VDC, minimum 300mA) to the micro-USB port on the player for about 2 hours (or until the LED stops blinking). While charging, the LED will blink.


Plug the player into any standard computer USB port using a “USB to micro-USB” cable for about 4 hours or until the LED stops blinking. Any regular or charge-only cable is sufficient.

Solar Panel

For solar charging, place the player with the solar panel directly facing sunlight for 8 – 10 hours. Note, the LED light does not blink or show charging level when charging with the solar panel.

1Many factors influence typical battery playtime, charge retention and life. All times listed are best-case estimates based upon use under normal conditions.